Month: March 2013

The telltale signs of corporate fraud

A new working paper (abstract; PDF) by Tanja Artiga Gonzalez, Markus Schmid, and David Yermack looks for the telltale signs of corporate fraud. The paper is called “Smokescreen: How Managers Behave When They Have Something To Hide”: We study financial reporting and corporate governance in 216 U.S. companies accused of price fixing by antitrust authorities.  …

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The Revenue-Engine™ Review

  Key points to think about: Strategy and repositioning Product development and planning Supply chain optimization Digital disruption and channel strategy Media migration and marketing strategy Business model reinvention Customer segmentation and messaging Sales force effectiveness Pricing [and, the gross-to-net/price “waterfall”] Go-to-Market [G2M] approach & channel partners Cross selling and customer retention Sales & marketing …

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Reimagining the convenience store

A Promising Investment Opportunity? Here is a viable scenario that is based on recent trends (e.g., Macro Demographic Changes, Lifestyle Shifts, Technological Tends, New Business Models, and Intensified Competitive Dynamics): Reimagining the convenience store. C-stores are uniquely positioned to exploit new demands for convenience and increasing urbanization. They’re already closer to con­sumers than any other …

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