i am interested

i am interested in:

competitive and market analysis; benchmarking practices

  • develop competitive intelligence profiles on direct competitors
  • assess market size, global markets, and growth dynamics
  • conduct a best-in-class benchmark/baseline of our operations
  • analyze a new market entry or product introduction
  • assess how customers rate us against the competition
  • determine global or domestic new sales and marketing opportunities that exist or are underutilized
  • conduct customer proving research around a major new initiative or product
  • other

m&a, corporate growth strategies, analytical solutions

  • conduct a strategic acquisition program to identify candidates for enhanced deal flow
  • assist in strategic growth through internal initiatives, joint ventures, m&a
  • support the strategic planning process with market mapping
  • conduct due diligence on a target company or market
  • assist in divesting a company or division
  • develop a strategic acquisition program
  • other

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