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Revenue growth…

The main areas of improvement to focus on:

  • customer segmentation [employ matching]
  • salesforce effectiveness [view sales as an “opportunity cost“]
  • pricing
  • go-to-market approach [direct v. channel partners]
  • cross-selling [it is usually the lowest-cost alternative]
  • customer retention [insure said via policies, activities, etc.]


And, for margin improvement:

How to drive significant top-line revenue growth from the current customer base. Ask and answer these important questions:

  • Is there an effective pricing strategy in place today?
  • Have we properly segmented our customer base to differentiate pricing based on buying behaviors [STP, or Segment, Target & Position]?
  • Are customers that destroy margin effectively managed?
  • Is the sales team allocating resources to the highest value customers?
  • Does our sales team have the right process and structure in place to capture pricing opportunities?
  • Are pricing controls in place to monitor pricing and provide the appropriate oversight?
  • Are the right metrics tracked aggressively to objectively determine performance in the market against competitors and resulting margins?

“Now what?”—when you’re in charge… An axis work product example

This 8 Point Plan was written (2011) for an incoming President on behalf of a €500mil./$647mil. Italian packaging company that was planning to enter the U.S. market in the prime and very competitive industrial goods and services sector [Forest Products, Paper & Packaging]. The plan’s template is based on the Spencer Stuart 8 Point Plan for the First Hundred Days of a new position/assignment.

The plan’s content, context, and ideas are 100% original, and were unique/specific to the customer’s needs. The plan is offered herewith as a “real-life” example [learning tool] for others to use/model when the are faced with the age old question: “Now what?”

The keys to successful (special operations) missions

The key factors that determine successful outcomes are:

  • simplicity
  • security
  • repetition
  • surprise
  • speed
  • purpose

These same things apply to many areas of business too (e.g., a new product launch, etc.).

Develop a bias for action

Look for a 70% solution and assess and refine from there—think: pilot, assess, refine, repeat (parr). I believe in action over inaction—plain and simple.

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the (mk) Mark Kirkwood WordPress.org website.

To get started…, please remember that “Rome was not built in a day.” As such, it will take many posts to outline Axis Associates (aa) and RevenueEengine Partners Co. (repco), and their many assignments, endeavors, missions, and accomplishments. In short, it is all about: “ideas for management decision making,” “creative solutions to pressing problems,” and “results-oriented solutions.”

On the personal side…, I will be passing along some of my favorite quotes, items and ideas for success too.

This is the first post on that journey. So, let’s start blogging!