SALES AUTOMATION Automating outreach to customers in sales fullest. Increase customer-facing time, increase customer satisfaction, make efficiency improvements … SALES AUTOMATION ACTIVITIES Sales strategy and planning Forecasting, channel strategy, resource allocation, talent management Lead identification & qualification Pipeline management, action plans for new & existing customers Configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ) Quota setting, configuration of […]


Design Practice McKinsey & Company – CPG product development Consumer-goods companies need to balance rapidly changing consumer and market needs with relevant product experiences. Enter the modern product manager. by Rob Loughlin, Jeff Salazar, Shivam Srivastava, and Scott Woodruff October 2020 Product development and innovation in the consumer-goods industry has never been
easy. The involvement of

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SALES – Doing more with less …

“The best kind of marketing tells the truth, it’s concise and engaging.” Ideas Misc.: competitors, peers, gross margins, FTE (full time equivalent) Productivity – driving higher productivity. Seek efficient growth Profitable growth – transformative—and disruptive Capability gap – leaders & laggards … Sales organization – be more calibrated in how they work – squeezing out

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Focus Points Highest priority opportunities [focus] | pipeline | 20% of opportunities that provide 80% of the $s product-customer-fit, product-market-fit | 10x product/10x sales representative gains Selling insights, “pain points,” etc. Profile: who are we looking for? Sellers, 10x growth, impact, confidence, close opportunities … Hire slow, fire fast …! Confidence: salespeople …, scar tissue,


Growth Strategy

Our strategic growth planning engagements deliver a clear understanding of the sources of growth that will materially contribute to company value. We use our Top Line for B2B Revenue Engines® methodology, frameworks, tools and approaches to examine the highest growth potential opportunities, identify market forces that might create risk or opportunity, assess internal capabilities needed to

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