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Revenue.Engine™ — We accelerate top-line revenue performance


We are pragmatic in our approach, use world-class methodologies and tools, and have a laser-like focus for achieving game-changing results for our clients.

SERVICES — Revenue.Engine™

Assessing revenue.engine performance

Revenue growth is frequently the most important driver of company earnings, cash flow and valuation. Therefore, it is essential that a company’s “revenue engine” operate at high levels of performance.

Few levers have as much power to influence profitability as pricing does. For a typical company, a one percent increase in price boosts profits two to three times as much as a one percent increase in sales volume.

Stop leaving money on the table. Some of the biggest profit uplift potential comes from selling more—and smarter—to the current customer base. Two fast ways to boost both the top and bottom lines are to tighten up pricing discipline and to engage in focused cross-selling to the most promising segments.

Company leaders typically have an “inside-out” view of the revenue.engine, but the most powerful insights require an “outside-in” view—through the eyes of current customers, former customers, lost prospects, channel partners, competitors, etc. Most executives have limited vision from an “outside-in” perspective and are; therefore, not fully able to self-diagnose their performance issues.

We are specialists in quickly understanding how a company’s revenue.engine  operates and identifying the most powerful levers for improving performance.

Addressing specific areas of improvement

Our assessment of revenue.engine performance is a broad-based diagnostic that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the revenue.engine.

Post an analysis of the engine’s key components, we then provide service(s) in six specific areas, which define necessary improvements, develop practical implementation plans, and help make the changes necessary to achieve profitable and lasting revenue growth:

  1. Customer segmentation and messaging
  2. Sales force effectiveness
  3. Pricing
  4. Go-to-Market [G2M] approach & channel partners
  5. Cross selling and customer retention
  6. Sales & marketing management

Ongoing monitoring of the market

Companies invest considerable time and money in trying to grow revenue and optimize their margins.

That said, we believe that ongoing monitoring of the market is required to ensure that important decisions are based on accurate, current and representative information (i.e., current facts).  We will assist our clients in monitoring their market(s) from four key perspectives:

  • Customer feedback
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Market intelligence
  • Sales force feedback

We use a number of tools including customer/market feedback, win/loss analysis, surveys, and detailed interviews to capture the needed data/facts in a useable, consistent, and timely fashion. We will also create standalone reports, scorecards and dashboards that integrate the needed data and metrics into existing reports.

M&A sales due diligence

In our approach to M&A revenue and “commercial-perspective” due diligence, we perform the traditional tasks of market evaluation, customer calls, competitor assessments, and we add three unique elements that tie due diligence to an actionable growth plan for achieving projected revenue growth.

  1. revenue.engine walk-through
  2. Assess the target’s ability to generate revenue
    • Assess market dynamics
    • Estimate growth rates
    • Examine competitor positions
    • Speak with target’s customers
  3. Define revenue risks and prepare “pre-close growth plan”

Based on this work, we prepare a pre-close growth plan, with management’s buy-in, that provides guidance for a/the 100-day plan.

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