Key reasons for new product and/or company success

  • Realistic expectations, timing & plan
  • Plan is based on investigation of facts
  • Proper product & company positioning
  • Avoid acting on personal belief(s) only
  • Align with those “who don’t drink the Kool-Aid™”
  • Statements & claims are made based on proof
  • Experienced management
  • Good alliance management

Note: This assumes:  Adequate funding and resources are available.

 How to best go-to-market [g2m]

  • Define the need: Facts about market, buyers; how is selection made, etc.
  • Distinctive features: Present facts about “DF” with illustrations and evidence; provide easy to remember descriptors, e.g., “NatureClean”
  • Performance: Present facts re: performance with illustrations and evidence
  • Dependability: Reasons, illustrations, evidence
  • Professional approach: Present above w/ market knowledge and value proposition
  • Story: What’s behind [“ABC”] — people, investment, discovery, mission, objective, why we and our product(s) are different; what this means to you
  • Reasons to use [“XYZ”]: Accurate claims, fair price and profit; quality; confidence, value, mutual benefit philosophy
  • Define right partners, initial customers

Five laws for effective business thinking & results

  1. Find the facts
  2. Focus the facts
  3. Filter the facts
  4. Face the facts
  5. Follow the facts

Problem resolution template

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What caused the problem (i.e., “roots of the plight”)
  3. What are the possible solutions? [Brainstorm]
  4. What is the best solution?

Eighteen benefits of outsourcing field sales [to (repco)]

  1. Predictable sales costs that go up and down with sales
  2. Standardized sales costs
  3. Lower sales costs
  4. Immediate market access
  5. Broader market penetration
  6. More experienced sales force
  7. Multifaceted, multi-skilled sales team
  8. Wider, deeper coverage
  9. Stronger local relationships
  10. Reduced sales force turnover
  11. Training required only on product
  12. Closer-to-the-customer forecasting
  13. Better market intelligence
  14. Increased sales
  15. Knowledgeable advice and information—hear it like it is!
  16. Risk-free exploration of new market niches
  17. Problem-solving approach outperforms product selling
  18. Vested partner in manufacturer’s success

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Revenue hunt process map—(repco)

(repco) process map
the revenue engine


Now what? The 8-point plan for the first hundred days [example]

The 8 Point First 100 Days Plan. This plan [taken from the axisco work product archives] was prepared for an Italian packaging company (in 2011) that was preparing to enter the highly-competitive U.S. packaging market. It’s contents are wholly owned by axisco, and are provided “for example” only, herewith.

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