SALES – Doing more with less …

“The best kind of marketing tells the truth, it’s concise and engaging.”


  • Misc.: competitors, peers, gross margins, FTE (full time equivalent)
  • Productivity – driving higher productivity.
  • Seek efficient growth
  • Profitable growth – transformative—and disruptive
  • Capability gap – leaders & laggards …
  • Sales organization – be more calibrated in how they work – squeezing out value
  • What do top tier companies do differently – capabilities prioritizing

Three areas:

  1. Free up seller time for customer-facing activities.
  2. Prioritize the most valuable opportunities.
  3. Do a better job developing high-performing talent.

Radically offload and automate non-sales activities

Non-selling activities = 2/3 of average sales team’s time

  • 33% = customer-facing time
  • 66% = non-customer facing
    • Lead qualification
    • Opportunity management
    • Configuration, pricing, and quoting (CPQ)
    • Order management
    • Post sales activities


  • Sales team capacity | smart workflows
  • Analyze customer data – identify leads, score leads re: value potential
  • Outreach – specific journey stage(s) & negotiate guidance
  • Focus on seller experience
  • Toggling between systems [stop this]
  • Ensure actual and deal-level insights are presented in a user-friendly way
  • Seller adoption: increase productivity, conversion, and sales
  • Start with simple steps and get them refined rapidly
  • Decrease order entry times
  • Lift in sales | lead enrichment
  • Shared service centers [50%of non-selling tasks]
  • Automation | AI capabilities [generative AI]

Ruthlessly focus on the most valuable opportunities [size of opportunity!]

  • Decrease time with/on customers that contribute 20% or less to company’s revenues
  • Intensive sales engagement for high-value accounts – lowering “cost to serve”
  • Prioritize accounts by spend and growth potential
  • Third-party data to refiner segmentation and define next-best-action opportunities
  • Build a data-mart – use variables with predictive power
  • Identify growers with a high propensity to spend
  • Sales steering tool: focus data on highest-value opportunities vs. time spent
  • Sales meetings: which customers to contact with what offer and messaging
  • Support teams: pitch decks and materials -> to get up and running quickly
  • Account coverage
  • Calendar, email, activity data (other)
  • Tech stacks | analytics | prescriptive insights
  • Have a clear expectation for where future growth will come from – and where not – helps leaders de-prioritize their long-tail opportunities and find ways to serve these slower-growth accounts more efficiently.
  • Often smaller companies, with less complex needs, met through self-serve digital channels or through remote engagement with inside sales team, or engaging with distributors
  • Service levels – eg, shipping options, MOQs, – adjust to different account types

Cultivate and motivate high-performance talent

  • Sellers are the productive engine of any sales organization
  • Top performers – fine tuning skills development, sales steering
  • Tying incentives to specific seller targets
  • Specific skills with high-performance in each channel and role

Learning journeys

  • Channel specific learning journeys
  • Skills to drive customer performance/productivity
  • Certification program
  • Financial and non-financial rewards


  • Performance steering – KPIs vs. create business specific guidance to focus and direct seller activities
  • Customer insights
  • Price recommendation engines
  • Predict and prevent customer churn
  • Incentive schemes: From quota-driven models to align incentives dynamically in response to strategic priorities
  • Prediction model: customers most at-risk for churn
  • 20% of bonus payout success linked to lowering account churn risk – cut customer attrition
  • Daily or weekly huddles to stimulate customer conversations – problem solve customer issues collaboratively, discuss best ways to support specific sales actions

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