August 2012

Metrics to monitor

In, or with any company, here are some key metrics to keep your eyes on: Top and bottom-line growth Revenue growth rates v. market rates Product mix ratios Other product growth Gross margins by product Pricing and revenue per unit, by product Cash-on-hand and cash growth rates Earnings guidance; and report “surprises” to management

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PRAXIS IS THE PROCESS BY WHICH A THEORY, LESSON OR SKILL IS ENACTED, PRACTICED, EMBODIED OR REALIZED. A term in use since Aristotle … praxis is one of the three basic activities of humans beings (the others being theory and poiesis or skillful manufacture). Praxis in Aristotle includes voluntary or goal directed action … sometimes

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Cost concepts for sales managers

At a minimum, make sure your sales management team understands basic cost concepts, such as: cost drivers activity-based accounting customer profitability value-add and value chain analysis target costing And,  a cursory understanding of the role of cost information for tactical and strategic decisions is helpful too. Use tools such as: budgets, variance analysis, benchmarking, transfer pricing and the balanced scorecard to

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Five leadership lessons from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Key learnings from the three movies: Organizations need to be built around ideas, not people. Actions matter more than intentions. Trust people with the truth. You need to risk failure in order to succeed. When you do fail, don’t let it destroy you.  These lessons will help you build and lead your own organization(s). Source:

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