Myths of Revenue Growth – MYTH 9: “M&A GROWTH IS AUTOMATIC.”

M&A must be aligned to drive a synergistic top-line growth opportunity.


1. “Speed kills.”  When it comes to growth strategy initiatives, a popular myth is that speed kills.  We debunk this belief by demonstrating that a rapid and focused implementation of a new, data-driven sales model can generate significant results. Speed doesn’t kill; speed pays.

2. “Beware of false profits.” An accurately-costed profit model is essential to determine the true implications of volume and revenue growth, to reduce levels of complexity, and, ultimately, to regain control of the business.

3. “There is no such thing as a bad sales lead.” Sales organizations are nothing without prospects in the pipeline.  But prospects are of little value to a company that can’t distinguish between high-value leads and those that drain resources without generating revenue or profit. A rigorous, technology-augmented approach to segmentation can help any organization make the most of its sales resources—and deliver more value to the bottom line.

4. “The perils of sticking with a winning formula.” As a company emerges from the startup chrysalis and shifts into a rapid growth phase, earlier decisions taken on the fly to win new customers or satisfy existing ones lock the company into practices and promises that could constrain continued profitable growth. Why can’t we just keep doing what got us here?

5. “More data is always good.” Sales analytics systems can deliver massive amounts of data, but most sales teams make minimal use of the insights and struggle to turn data into action to drive decision-making and revenue-enhancing activities. How should management determine which data can feed the analytics that will address the organization’s true sales challenges?

6. “Nothing is for free.” Raising prices on products and services will jeopardize customer demand.

7. “Brands aren’t built in a day. Except when they are.” It doesn’t have to take years or an oversized marketing budget to establish a brand identity.

8. “Hands off my sales organization!” How cost transformations can be re-framed as opportunities to optimize the sales organization and pivot towards growth.

9. “M&A growth is automatic.”  M&A must be aligned to drive a synergistic top-line growth opportunity.

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