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As the board chairman for the Salvation Army, here is my “Open Letter” to Baltimore for 2012:

Dear Friends:

This past year was another difficult one for many Baltimore area families because of the continuingly tough economic times.  Even more families are struggling to make ends meet, giving them few options other than turning to The Salvation Army for the needed additional support.

In any year, and even more so in a depressed economic climate, The Salvation Army strives to help those in need by providing a wide range of support and resources. Family Service Centers provide food, clothing, and emergency funds for essential services each and every day of the year. The Boys and Girls Clubs offer children warm, safe, and caring places to learn and develop. The Booth House is a place for emergency and transitional shelter for men, women and children (i.e., families) who desperately need a home. And, the Feedmore® mobile canteen serves meals to the homeless and provides spiritual support to ease suffering.

Your charitable donations of time, money, and resources are paramount to The Salvation Army’s ability to provide each of these types of support. The Salvation Army receives 87% of its revenue from the general public, so your personal contributions afford The Salvation Army the opportunity to provide all of the programs and services crucial to so many people. We continue to be truly grateful for the Baltimore community’s generosity.

It has been an honor to serve the greater Baltimore area as Advisory Board Chairman in 2011 and witness the overwhelming support from the community. The Salvation Army is able to make incredibly positive, wide-ranging changes in our community with limited resources due to the large number of devoted volunteers and careful handling of expenditures. With your on-going financial support, time, and prayers, The Salvation Army is able to continue to serve those in the community most in need.

Thank you again for your generous support.

Sincerely yours,

Mark B. Kirkwood

Advisory Board Chairman



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